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Terms And Condtions
1. All consignments are carried entirely, at owner’s risk.
2. The company is not responsible.
a. For internal damage to the contains of packages or damage to unpacked goods or to perishable articles.
b. For delay, pilferage loss or damages to goods by breakage or evaporation theft on road and whether conditions strikes, lockouts riots, civil or political disturbance, explosions fire of accident no vehicle which the goods are transported. The company is not responsible in the event of goods being detained or seized constituted by Government Authorities.
3. Any complaints about loss damage, shortage etc should be intimated to our office within 10 days from the date of booking.
4. No entries and claims will be accepted for any consignment intimated   after 10 days from the date of booking.
5. If the goods are not taken delivery by the consignee within 24 hours from the date of arrival demurrage at the rate of one Rupees per kg will be charge per day from the date of arrival .
6. Necessary document should be sent wherever re-booking is desired.
7. The court at Bangalore city alone shall have Jurisdiction in respect of all claims on matters arising under the consignment or goods entrusted for transport.